Importance of File Analysis and Investigation in the new Era of Increased File Storage

Files all over the world are increasing in size at an incredible rate. You may remember that your old computer had a total storage capacity of 500 Megabytes. Nowadays, it is easy for a single file to contain that much data. As a matter of fact, many files are becoming bigger than the hard disks of previous generations of computers.

Why is this happening and what is its importance? Well, the reason for it is because there is a vast increase in the capacity of disks all over the world. Data is becoming such an important part of our lives, and increasingly that data is being stored on devices such as computers and hard disks. The data itself could be translated into anything. For example, data can become movies, pictures, financial data and any other type of information.

So we can see that there is a vast demand for keeping and storing data. Enter today’s hard disks. They are part of the reason there has been an explosion of data. The reason is simple because you can store it. Today’s hard disks have a capacity that is commonly more than one terabyte. That is incredibly when compared to hard drives of the past. However, the reason is that people want it. People want to store data in the form of pictures and movies. Moreover, quality is increasing so pictures are growing, and the same goes for movies. Now, with virtual reality gaining steam if many cities such as Toronto and Ottawa, the demand for data will be even greater.